Our Philosophy

Myrtle Farm Montessori School bases its philosophy and methods on the approach to early childhood education developed by Maria Montessori. Montessori, an Italian physician, was a pioneer in this field. She based her program on careful observation of the needs and interests of children who were free to choose among a variety of activities in a carefully prepared environment. To the wonder of the world the children in her experiments responded by acquiring skills and knowledge previously thought far beyond their capacities. More importantly, they became children “at peace,” developing enormous self-discipline and a spontaneous and harmonious social life. Montessori devoted the remainder of her life to the study of children and to bringing her educational philosophy and method to every continent of the world.

Our unique outdoor environment brings children into close contact with the earth and living things. Our aim is to encourage a close bond of children with nature through the work of growing, harvesting, and preparing food, and caring for small farm animals. They observe and respond to the needs and natural rhythms of living things. We hope to plant the seeds that will grow into respect for the earth and all its inhabitants, leading to a sense of wonder at the beauty that is life.